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It all began with a lawsuit we filed in 2014

On March 24, 2023 the Honorable Paul L. Maloney of the United States District Court for the Western District of Michigan entered his Order Granting Preliminary Approval of the Proposed Class Action Settlement in Wayside Church, et. al. v. Van Buren County, et. al., 1:14-CV-01274, an action originally filed by James Shek on December 11, 2014. If you were an owner of, or an heir or successor to an owner of, real property foreclosed by one or more of the 43 Western District County Defendants within this class action during the period 2013 through 2020 which sold the property for a price in excess of the statutory minimum bid and obtained “Surplus Proceeds” you may make a claim for those Surplus Proceeds available within that Class Action Settlement. The Order appoints James Shek as co-Lead Counsel representing the Class. For more information on the settlement, go to


Practice Areas

Constitutional Law

The Michigan and Federal Constitutions contain your consent to the government to govern you within the limits you established in them. When the government violates those limits, it violates your rights and the constitutions are your last & most important line of defense.

Property Law

Your right to own, use, keep, gift and sell real or personal property is natural and necessary for you and your family. We help you enjoy that right and protect it from undue interference by others or governments. Then, when you buy or sell, Mr. Shek’s transactional talents as a lawyer and Licensed Michigan Real Estate Broker are certain.


Lawsuits, while unfortunate, are sometimes required. When necessary to protect your rights, we do not hesitate to bring them in Michigan State or Federal Trial Courts, and have done so with success for over forty years.


Trial Courts make mistakes. So do Appellate Courts. When made, the mistakes are generally un-intended but have real serious consequences to you. When required because of mistakes, we pursue appeals in Michigan State and Federal Appellate Courts until a final, hopefully correct, decision is made.

Administrative Law

Governments act through their departments and agencies to grant, deny, rescind or revoke privileges, often in the form of licenses, to or from you that you need in your every day life and for success in your chosen career and profession. With a Master of Public Administration earned at the University of Idaho, Mr. Shek is uniquely qualified to help guide you through the pitfalls and traps of bureaucracy.


Construction Law

Your home is likely your largest capital investment. When you build new or remodel, a poor builder can cost you tens of thousand of dollars. Mr. Shek’s experience and talent in building construction, as a Lawyer, and Michigan Licensed Residential Builder may help you insure that a poor builder doesn’t put you in the poor house.


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